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   Founded in 2017, our first season saw the cultivation of nearly 1 ton of organic tomatoes, and just under 1/2 ton of wild Maine blueberries. We also planted apple trees, beans, beets, carrots, onions, peas, pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, sweet corn, and various herbs.

   In 2018 we began infrastructure improvements, clearing additional pasture, reclaiming blueberry fields and boarding our first horse. This past season (2019) included our first retail farm stand, pumpkin patch, and lots of veggies.

   We're looking forward to another busy season in 2020, tackling long-deffered maintenance and major long-term infrastructure projects. Stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter, and come visit us!

Daniel Popp

Logistics & Resources
Left-handed founder with background in technology; applying systems-based approach to holistic agriculture.

Kevin Popp

Operations & Facilities
Right-hand man with 30 years experience in warehousing; helping to scale systems efficiently.

News & Events

March, 2017

Real Deal Farm breaks ground in central Maine with 130 mostly-wooded acres and very rocky soil.

April, 2017

Heirloom tomatoes are started from seed; they won't be planted in the ground for two months.

June, 2017

With the frost threat over, a rototiller begins its work. Several beds of root veggies are planted from seed.

August, 2017

The wild blueberries are in season. Unmaintained for nearly a decade, still too many to harvest.

November, 2017

Real Deal Farm officially becomes a limited liability company in Maine with certificate of formation.

May, 2018

Blueberry fields that have gone fallow begin getting pruned back for the first time in years.

September, 2018

Harvest is in full swing, leftovers are canned, and preparation begins for the coming Winter.

December, 2018

Construction of a 2900 square foot high-tunnel is completed, extending growing season by months.

The Real Deal

100% Organic, No Compromises

We are committed to growing only the highest-quality organic produce, no GMOs or synthetic chemicals.

Hand Selected Heirloom Varieties

Great crops begin with heirloom seeds, chosen for nutritive properties, rich flavors and unique features.

Sustainably Produced

Our systems-based approach ensures sustainable practices are integrated at each and every step.

Vine Ripened & Picked at Peak

There isn't any rush when it comes to flavor. Veggies are vine ripened and picked at peak freshness.

Cultivating Community

We take pride in our community and the role we share. It's vitally important for us to be excellent stewards.

Livestock Well-being

All animals have access to the outdoors 24/7. We feed a 100% organic diet, no hormones or antibiotics.

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Real Deal Farm is located at 900 feet elevation in the town of Jay, approximately 40 miles North of Lewiston, Maine.

Accessible via Interstate 95 North exit 75 (Sugarloaf), then a 20 mile drive along Route 4N to Route 133N for another seven miles.

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